Terraço com Vista Fabulosa para uma Refeição

5 Terraces with a Fabulous View for a Meal

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If you’re visiting Lisbon, it is only natural that you‘re interested in to getting to know Lisbon’s gastronomy by tasting local delicacies. But this post is a bit different. We want to highlight 5 terraces with a fabulous view over Lisbon, to share with you. Since we are very close to Valentine’s Day, you can follow these suggestions to commemorate this day of the celebration of love.

In terms of gastronomy and environment they are varied and quite different between them.

Keep in mind that in the meantime the restaurants in these locations might’ve changed. However, the view is still worthwhile, so make sure to drop by and give it a look!

Get to know Lisbon’s historic neighbourhoods in a guided tour and discover unmissable places of this magnificent city.

Restaurant Hua Ta Li

Terraces with a Fabulous View: Restaurant Hua Tai Li, Praça do Martim Moniz
Terrace of the Restaurant Hua Tai Li

As the name suggests, it is a Chinese cuisine restaurant, located in Martim Moniz Square. If you choose a table next to the window or in the terrace of this restaurant, you can have a meal with the monumental São Jorge Castle as a background. From this terrace you can observe the Santo André Hill (Graça) with its two viewpoints and you can even have an overview of the neighbourhood Mouraria next to the Castle, with the most multicultural square of Lisbon below.

Address: Centro Comercial Martim Moniz, Praça Martim Moniz, Piso 5, Loja HO 4, Lisboa

Self-Service of the ACISJF – Cantina das Freiras (Canteen of the Nuns)

Terrace of the Cantina das Freiras, Rua Ferragial, Lisbon
Terrace of the Cantina das Freiras

This self-service is in fact one of the best kept secrets of Lisbon. It belongs to the Associação Católica Internacional ao Serviço da Juventude Feminina (a catholic association dedicated to the young women). Here, the menu consists of simple and Portuguese dishes, but what fascinates us is the view the terrace has to offer us.

The environment is serene and pleasant and we even have the feeling that we’re on top of the Tagus River, observing the South bank with its Cristo Rei Statue and the 25 de Abril bridge that links Lisbon to Almada.

Address: Rua Ferragial, 1, Lisboa

Restaurant Less Baixa

View to Santa Justa Lift from the Restaurant Less Baixa
View to Santa Justa Lift from the Restaurant Less Baixa

It is a restaurant located in the building of a traditional commercial space, of homeware products, Pollux. In its 8th floor, it had a cafeteria that was remodelled and where the Restaurant Less Baixa from the Portuguese Chef Miguel Castro Silva was installed.

Here you can taste a modern, Portuguese and international cuisine, and appreciate not only the privileged view over the roofs of the buildings, but also the national monument, the Santa Justa Lift. The Ruins of the Carmo Convent and the Carmo Barracks are also part of this beautiful panel.

Address: Rua dos Fanqueiros, 276, Lisboa

Café da Garagem

Café da Garagem - Taborda Theatre
Café da Garagem – Taborda Theatre

The Café da Garagem is another hidden gem. It is a very peculiar space located in Taborda Theatre, in Costa do Castelo. Its decoration was designed by the Portuguese artist, architect and designer Joana Astolfi.

It has a laid-back and calm environment with a singular view over the north side of old Lisbon, contrary to many other places that have a view over the river. Here you are surprised by the panorama of Santana Hill to Graça.

To accompany you can order a tasty toast, sandwich or salad and a dessert to finish.

Address: Teatro Taborda Costa do Castelo, 75, Lisboa


Bananacafe in Torel Garden, Campo Santana, Lisbon
Bananacafe in Torel Garden

This terrace is situated inside the Torel Garden in Campo Santana. It is currently a garden quite sought by tourists, precisely due to the view it provides. In its upper platform you can admire the Downtown Lisbon.

In the Bananacafe, you can have a light meal or ask for a drink and calmly observe one of the seven hills of Lisbon, the São Roque Hill and the Avenida de Liberdade.

Address: Jardim do Torel, Rua Júlio de Andrade, Lisboa

In case you decide to visit any of these terraces with a fabulous view, tell us about it!


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